What causes stress?
Stress can take on many forms throughout one’s life. Sometimes, it feels like it comes in waves, washing over your body and making it hard to feel healthy and driven. While stress can be caused by different factors in your life, the underlying factor will always be cortisol. Stress and the feeling of fight or flight are both a result of your adrenal glands producing large amounts of cortisol. This means that clinical steps can be taken to reduce cortisol levels in your body and reduce stress in your life. Treatments such as IV nutrition and hydrogen therapy can help lower the amount of cortisol in your body.

Treating stress with hydrogen therapy
Hydrogen inhalation therapy uses a condensed aerated version of hydrogen. Patients who suffer from high cortisol levels have found that natural antioxidants like hydrogen help to relieve over-oxidation in the body. While there are other antioxidants available, none are as effective at penetrating tissue and fighting free radical cells as hydrogen therapy. When there are too many free radical cells in your body, they can cause a chain reaction that destroys healthy cells and causes stress on your body. Antioxidants like hydrogen work to counteract this chain reaction called oxidative stress. While working to break this chain, hydrogen therapy also helps to support the immune system in healing the body and relieving stress.

Alleviating stress with IV nutrition
IV nutrition therapy uses concentrated forms of minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients to charge the body with healthy nutrients. This allows the body to have the extra help it needs to boost your immune system, fight off infection, and increase your body’s healing process. Because these high concentrations are given through IV and not just consumed through eating and drinking, your body is able to consume larger amounts of vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream where their effectiveness can be maximized.

High concentrations of vitamins are also used for calming the adrenal glands. Since cortisol is created in the adrenal glands, IV nutrition and vitamin therapy can help slow down overactive adrenal glands and their production of cortisol, lowering stress levels.

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