Dr. Jarod Burton brings a diverse and rich background to the team at Belle Meade Chiropractic. With a foundation in kinesiology from Cornerstone University, where he delved into sports research focusing on injury prevention in overhead athletes and exploring the role of reflexology in enhancing athletic performance, Jarod has developed a deep understanding of the body’s mechanics and the interplay between physical and neurological health.

His journey in the field of sports rehabilitation began with a significant role as Head Sports Performance Coach at a Missouri-based baseball facility. There, Jarod’s passion for helping athletes recover and excel post-injury flourished, guiding his transition into chiropractic care. His expertise is not just rooted in sports medicine but also extends to functional neurology, a testament to his ongoing pursuit of knowledge, currently furthering his education towards a diplomate in neurology.

A pivotal phase in Dr. Burton’s professional development was his internship with Dr. Gail Henry in Houston, Texas, where he gained invaluable experience treating a wide range of neurological conditions in patients across all age groups, including Parkinson’s, stroke, dystonias, seizures, migraines/headaches, Arnold-Chiari malformation, and autism. This experience not only honed his clinical skills but also deepened his understanding of the critical role chiropractic care plays in managing and alleviating complex neurological disorders.

At Belle Meade Chiropractic, Dr. Burton is committed to a holistic approach to health and wellness, valuing the power of partnership with his clients to achieve their health goals. He believes in treating the individual, not just the symptoms, and employs a broad range of techniques tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Outside of the clinic, Jarod is a family man at heart, enjoying quality time with his wife, their newborn daughter, and their two lively dogs. He is also an avid outdoorsman and gardening enthusiast, constantly seeking new ways to connect with and learn from nature.

Dr. Burton advocates for a balanced lifestyle, emphasizing the importance of integrating physical health with emotional and environmental well-being. His philosophy is about living fully, nurturing relationships, and engaging with the world in a meaningful way.

Education and Achievements:

  • Medical Assistant at You Only Younger – 2022-2023
  • Texas Chiropractic College – Doctor of Chiropractic Program – 2020-2023
  • Head Sports Performance Coach – 2019-2020
  • Presented Sports Research at ACSM Conference – Chicago and San Francisco
  • Collegiate Baseball – 2016-2019
  • Independent Study of Sports Research – 2018-2019
  • Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, Cornerstone University School of Kinesiology – 2016-2019